• TD MobileMobile HTML5 Cross Platform Enterprise App Development System - Support all Devices and all Enterprise Datasources like Oracle, SAP and many more.
  • Team Developer 6.2The Powerful IDE for Multi-Tier Applications. Create Beautiful Business Applications Quickly!
  • SQLBase 11.7The Easy Database for Your Business Solutions!
  • Automated Migration SolutionsAutomated Legay Modernization Solutions
TD Mobile2 Team Developer 6.23 SQLBase 11.74 Automated Migration Solutions5


Who We Are

Gupta Technologies provides application development, migration and database software.

From client server, Web, .NET and Mobile business app development, Gupta removes the complexity from the development process by eliminating low level coding, delivering highly productive software for developers of all skill levels.

Gupta’s Composer Technologies product line offers automated software and services for migrating Notes Domino and Oracle Forms applications.


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