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What’s New in SQLBase 11.7

SQLBase 11.7 - Easy, Secure and Powerful

Building on the heritage of SQLBase which has always been easy to use and secure, SQLBase 11.7 adds features that make handling SQLBase even easier and protect your data stronger than ever before. The new SQLBase 11.7 Windows 64bit Server leverages latest processor and OS technologies for a native 64bit experience.

SQLBase 11.7 - The Easy Database

  • Use your Windows or ActiveDirectory logon to connect to SQLBase.
  • New easy to use and easy to configure database drivers, available in 32bit and 64bit versions.
  • Simplified sql.ini configuration.
  • Self configuring drivers.
  • Support for the new IPv6 Internet protocol.
  • New fully managed .NET data provider.
  • New drivers for Team Developer 5.x and 6.x that allow full use of SQLBase RC1, RC2 and RC3 isolation leveles for unmatched multiuser database performance.
  • New Visual Studio DDEX plugin for full SQLBase access from Visual Studio tools and code.

SQLBase 11.7 - The Secure Database

  • Optional encryption technology now available in all SQLBase products.
  • Introducing up to 256bit key length AES data encryption for unbreakable data safety.
  • Database drivers can optionally use 256bit SSL encryption to encrypt data traffic between client and server.
  • Advanced technology to prevent brute-force password guessing and denial-of-service attacks.

SQLBase 11.7 - The Powerful 64bit Database

  • Leverage the full power of Windows 64bit operating systems.
  • Database files are compatible between 32bit and 64bit SQLBase servers.
  • Access SQLBase 64bit via 32bit and/or 64bit database drivers.

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