Comprehensive .NET Integration and Powerful Multi-Tier-Architecture

Team Developer supports your efforts to build and deploy great multi-tier business applications. Using a multi-tier architecture you create a structure that is ready for today's heterogeneous environments and that opens the door for the future that requires business application access from anywhere. Team Developer enables software as a service (SaaS) solutions giving you the power to succeed in today's business world.

Developers love the Team Developer IDE because they are guided to maximum productivity in a joyful usage experience. Application users love the rich and powerful high usability applications that are being built using Team Developer.

More about Team Developer's Application Architecture

Team Developer Software Development Three-Tier Architecture

Team Developer allows you to architect and build multi-tier web applications for high flexibility and high usability. Separating the business logic from the user interface enables you to provide a multitude of different GUI frontends for a multitude of devices easily. A multi-tier architecture opens new markets and business models for you where you can provide Web Services business logic interfaces to your software to be used by your customers to further integrate your systems into your customers environment.

.NET WPF Desktop and Browser Apps, Win32 Apps

Use .NET WPF browser apps to deploy your software as a service. You can host the apps and your customers download the app and use it without installing any database drivers on the client. Full RAD .NET power. One .NET app source code can be compiled to .NET WPF Desktop and .NET WPF browser apps without changing one line of source code.

Great application and service interoperability: Web Services Providing and Consuming

Provide and Consume Web Services. Integrate mobile clients and integrate with Web Services enabled solutions.

DBPipe for no Database Client Apps

DBPipe allows to deploy .NET Desktop and .NET Browser apps without any database client. Think of the reduced admin work and reduced cost for database clients.

Beautiful and Rich Controls

Beautiful, easy to use and powerful controls for any task you can think of. Powerful integrated Report Builder. Rich grid including sorting and grouping. Page Navigator for Outlook-like apps. Many color themes to choose from. All controls are data-aware and can be bound to database values easily.

More about Team Developer GUI Controls

All Controls You Need in One Product

No need to buy external control libraries, Team Developer includes powerful and rich themed controls that offer great usability and a very attractive look & feel.

Beautiful, Rich and Open

MDI-Windows, Tab Control, Date Picker, Tree Control, Chart Control, Rich Text Control all included in the product. Include any WPF or ActiveX Control. Team Developer provides great GUI controls having extensive properties and powerful APIs for runtime manipulation.

Fun to use High Speed IDE

Outline tabs for quick code navigation and excellent source overview. Attribute Inspector messages tab allows easy adding of event code. High speed Active Coding Assistant. Fast error free coding in structured outline format.

More about the Team Developer IDE

Maximum Developer Support and Productivity

Developers are guided to almost error free programming by the intrinsic code outline structure and the powerful coding assistant.

Many Integrated Tools

Color coded outline format source code allows you to quickly understand source code components. Also included is the integrated documentation tool and orphaned code detection tool.

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